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Getting Started

Currently, this project is a working prototype (alpha quality) with a sample lab.
See the sidebar to the right for usage requirements.
  1. Install Code Contracts (This is required, unless you manually delete all contracts in the source code.)
  2. Download the source code.
  3. Open the solution (LinqToOwin.sln) in Visual Studio 2013.
  4. Set LinqToOwin.Web.Labs as the startup project. It's located in the Testing solution folder.
  5. Press F5 to start the sample web application.
The solution is configured to use NuGET package restore. You may have to build once to fix any errors.
I have Roslyn installed, so I may have inadvertently used some of its features, but I don't remember :) If you get syntax errors when compiling, then please consider installing Roslyn or just fix the errors.

Sample Project

A working sample is included in source control under the Testing folder. The entire application is located in the Startup.cs file.

The sample project is a plain ASP.NET web application project in Visual Studio 2013 configured for OWIN and Katana. It uses LINQ to OWIN exclusively to implement all of the application's functionality, including generating the HTML for every page.

The sample project provides examples of GET and POST requests, forms authentication (cookies and claims), a 404 error page, and shared HTML output (simple templating).

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